Hi! My name is Irena, and this is my decorative cushions store.

I hold a BA of economics. Having graduated from the Faculty of Economics in Belgrade, I found a job and continued living there. However, I moved to a different city because of love. I started a family and moved to Kragujevac, where I still live with my husband Uroš and our sons Isak, Naum and Milan.  At some point, I started rearranging our living space. I began to channel my creativity – which I had previously been expressing through sewing and tailoring of clothes and accessories – through home decor. When we had our baby, my interests expanded. One of the things I made for our baby and our home were these cushions shaped like balls of yarn.

I found a way to combine my interests and the things that bring joy to my life in a way which expresses my personality. What I do today is designing and creating handmade decorative cushions.


And that is how the brand Kloopko was born!